Say what? Believing is seeing.


Have you ever shared your vision with someone and two minutes into the convo, they get that glossed over look in their eyes as if “I’m listening, but I got off at the last bus stop”? Then they respond with a ‘that’s great’ and then ask if you watched the latest game. lol. We can only seize what we can see. So it’s ok if you’re the only one that can see it at this juncture. I’m sure Noah had a few raised eyebrows and some forced complementary smiles while he built what God had instructed him to do. But when the time came, it all made sense. I’m sure the locals wished they had bought in.

I’m so thankful that when God gives us an assignment that He is long-suffering and takes into consideration the time it takes us to process and react. I was prompted last year to study the life of Ezekiel and now that I am, I am so intrigued with his ability to articulate vision. John Maxwell says it best. He as a leader was able to: See it clearly, show it creatively and say it constantly. Don’t get in the trap of having your head in the clouds dreaming. Eventually, what’s in your head has to reach your hands. Don’t get caught dreaming and not doing. We know that faith without works is DEAD.  (James 2:26)

‘Glory Getters’

I am at the place where I am beginning to understand that it is COMPLETE faith that pleases God. Utter abandonment. I am cultivating the art of viewing obstacles, not as a hinderance to destiny, but rather an opportunity. WHAT?!…some may say. I respond with an emphatic YES!!… an opportunity. I guess you’re probably thinking, “I’m not looking for that kind of opportunity.” No, we don’t go strapping on our breastplate of righteousness and go on a hunt looking for them. God does. I believe He is always seeking out ways to bless our obedience and present us with a “whatcha gonna do” moment. Life experience gave me a new phrase to add to my vocabulary a couple of years ago. I began to call these tests ‘Glory Getters‘. Every challenge that comes our way doesn’t always have satan’s serial number or a ‘made in Hell’ stamp on the bottom of it. We shouldn’t always attribute it to an ‘attack’. We need to remember that God is wanting us to depend on, rely on and trust Him. If God has said it, He will do it. Bottom line. James tells us that the testing of our faith builds endurance and actually makes us ready for everything. We should never be reluctant when it comes to what “Thus saith the Lord”. Dive in! Get your hopes up! Plan for the promise! Be like a kid on Christmas morning, filled with expectation. God is ABLE!

If you’re not having to believe God for something larger than yourself, it’s time to take inventory and reassess your purpose and goals. Man or Woman up and ask yourself, are you satisfied with a monotone or mediocre life? Should a comfort zone ever really exist? I don’t think so….

FAITH attracts God. It’s time to take a deep breath and roll out the welcome mat for the ‘Glory Getters’.