What’s the most dangerous word of 2014? Answer: ‘TRY’. We’ve all used it and it’s a word that undermines our future and sabotages our goals. The application of the word ‘TRY’ suggests that some effort will be applied but don’t count on it. Webster says it means “to attempt” which really gives us no obligation to FINISH or see something to its completion. It gives us the room to fail without investing too much. To say ‘at least I tried’. It’s the infamous exit clause. I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone utter those words, I know they’ve just set themselves an escape route if it doesn’t pan out. How many years do we have on God’s great earth? Guess what? We are all getting older and we can’t afford to live with regrets. The clock never stops.

I always love the first of the year because it gives us a fresh start and outlook to carry out our goals and room to set new ones. I was on my way from the airport on December 31st to my hotel before ministering in Dallas and was the lone passenger on the hotel shuttle. I began conversing with the driver and he told me how he didn’t look forward to driving a cab later in the evening since it was New Year’s Eve, understandably so. We got to talking about it and I asked him what were his aspirations. He told me “This is it”. I was expecting a sarcastic chuckle from him and when it never came, I knew he was serious. I was taken back. If that’s his dream, then kudos to him. But it didn’t take much more than 5 minutes and the discernment of a parking lot prophet to know this guy had untapped potential. I proceeded to ask him what he enjoyed about his job. He said that the pay stinks but he enjoys driving and it’s a ‘mindless job’ that didn’t require much of him. THAT was what disturbed me most. I felt sorry for him but realized that he had fell victim to a sedative not as recognizable as alcohol or drug use. This was deeper. He was letting life ‘happen to him’ instead of him HAPPENING to it. Some would say he’s a part of the ‘walking dead’ but he’s what I would call a ‘floater’ in life. Taking a ride wherever the winds will. The lazy river at the water park isn’t quite the adrenaline rush most people seek. Unfortunately, he equated his level of fulfillment and peace in life as having a ‘mindless’ job that barely paid his bills. How many people are in his shoes?

Stop buying the lie that you are at the mercy of your age, upbringing, lack of money or education. We should be determined, more than ever, to go the distance and instead of ‘taking a stab at it’, DO IT! Greatness is desired by so many but is rarely achieved. NO action still produces a 100% failure rate. Be determined. Be intentional. You have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). Don’t ‘try’ this year. DO.