Say what? Believing is seeing.


Have you ever shared your vision with someone and two minutes into the convo, they get that glossed over look in their eyes as if “I’m listening, but I got off at the last bus stop”? Then they respond with a ‘that’s great’ and then ask if you watched the latest game. lol. We can only seize what we can see. So it’s ok if you’re the only one that can see it at this juncture. I’m sure Noah had a few raised eyebrows and some forced complementary smiles while he built what God had instructed him to do. But when the time came, it all made sense. I’m sure the locals wished they had bought in.

I’m so thankful that when God gives us an assignment that He is long-suffering and takes into consideration the time it takes us to process and react. I was prompted last year to study the life of Ezekiel and now that I am, I am so intrigued with his ability to articulate vision. John Maxwell says it best. He as a leader was able to: See it clearly, show it creatively and say it constantly. Don’t get in the trap of having your head in the clouds dreaming. Eventually, what’s in your head has to reach your hands. Don’t get caught dreaming and not doing. We know that faith without works is DEAD.  (James 2:26)

The Most Dangerous Word of 2014

What’s the most dangerous word of 2014? Answer: ‘TRY’. We’ve all used it and it’s a word that undermines our future and sabotages our goals. The application of the word ‘TRY’ suggests that some effort will be applied but don’t count on it. Webster says it means “to attempt” which really gives us no obligation to FINISH or see something to its completion. It gives us the room to fail without investing too much. To say ‘at least I tried’. It’s the infamous exit clause. I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone utter those words, I know they’ve just set themselves an escape route if it doesn’t pan out. How many years do we have on God’s great earth? Guess what? We are all getting older and we can’t afford to live with regrets. The clock never stops.

I always love the first of the year because it gives us a fresh start and outlook to carry out our goals and room to set new ones. I was on my way from the airport on December 31st to my hotel before ministering in Dallas and was the lone passenger on the hotel shuttle. I began conversing with the driver and he told me how he didn’t look forward to driving a cab later in the evening since it was New Year’s Eve, understandably so. We got to talking about it and I asked him what were his aspirations. He told me “This is it”. I was expecting a sarcastic chuckle from him and when it never came, I knew he was serious. I was taken back. If that’s his dream, then kudos to him. But it didn’t take much more than 5 minutes and the discernment of a parking lot prophet to know this guy had untapped potential. I proceeded to ask him what he enjoyed about his job. He said that the pay stinks but he enjoys driving and it’s a ‘mindless job’ that didn’t require much of him. THAT was what disturbed me most. I felt sorry for him but realized that he had fell victim to a sedative not as recognizable as alcohol or drug use. This was deeper. He was letting life ‘happen to him’ instead of him HAPPENING to it. Some would say he’s a part of the ‘walking dead’ but he’s what I would call a ‘floater’ in life. Taking a ride wherever the winds will. The lazy river at the water park isn’t quite the adrenaline rush most people seek. Unfortunately, he equated his level of fulfillment and peace in life as having a ‘mindless’ job that barely paid his bills. How many people are in his shoes?

Stop buying the lie that you are at the mercy of your age, upbringing, lack of money or education. We should be determined, more than ever, to go the distance and instead of ‘taking a stab at it’, DO IT! Greatness is desired by so many but is rarely achieved. NO action still produces a 100% failure rate. Be determined. Be intentional. You have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). Don’t ‘try’ this year. DO.

New Radio Single Released- OPEN THE HEAVENS




01 Open the Heavens mp3

July 16, 2013 (Montgomery, AL) – Rising Gospel artist, Patrick Dopson to release title track “Open The Heavens,” to gospel radio this week.   Following up on his chart topping single, “Keep Me,” Dopson hopes for similar success with title track.

“Open The Heavens” 
is the title track of Dopson’s independent debut CD that was released in May 2012.  Having penned the song several years ago, Dopson describes the song as “a song of deliverance that would encourage people to trust God in the dry and rough spots of life.”  A true praise and worship jam, “Open The Heavens,” is definitely Sunday-Morning ready and is a soon-to-be classic that will be sung in churches across the country.

“Keep Me,” one of the year’s gospel anthems peaked at number 5 on the Gospel Radio chart and remained on the chart for over 40 weeks. A personal anthem for Dopson, both songs provided inspiration for his own life both professionally and personally.   “Almost 10 years passed since this project was birthed in my heart but the song ministered to me as I waited on God’s timing for this release and even as I walked through the adoption process of our son.”

“We know that’s when God is working in great detail to prep us; that doesn’t mean we always like it,” said Dopson. “I have to look back and really embrace the process and say ‘Thank You’ because this thing is God’s and I know it is to ultimately bring Him glory.”

Dopson recently serviced a concept video for “Keep Me” reflective of his adoption struggles and journey. Released on his Oilonit Music label, “Keep Me,” became a Billboard Gospel hit and received a Stellar nomination for Song of The Year.  “Open the Heavens” was selected by Maranatha as one of the Top 25 Gospel Songs of 2012.

Dopson’s music keeps the legacy of urban contemporary Praise & Worship music alive.  He grew up listening to gospel artists such as The Winans, Commissioned, John P. Kee, Marvin Sapp, Gary Oliver, Fred Hammond, Shirley Caesar and mass choirs, which have all influenced his life and is evident in his music.  He founded his own publishing and record label, Oilonit Music, in 2003. His debut album, Open the Heavens, produced by Noel Hall and himself, was released in May of 2012. His debut release garnered four Stellar Award nominations and a featured slot on RCA Inspiration WOW GOSPEL 2013 CD & DVD releases.

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For Every Action, There Is An Equal & Opposite REACTION

You know God is speaking when you begin to hear the same recurring theme over and over.  For me, this morning, it has come via TV, book, & Word of God.  I was watching Pastor Jentezen Franklin last night and he was speaking about the fact that God is motion sensitive.  He used an illustration of the CLAPPER that can turn the lights on or off when you clap your hands.  It was simplistic yet a powerful revelation.  This morning my devotional’s title, by Pastor Stephen Hill, was “I will if you will”.  It talked about how God is looking for us to initiate the conversation or move into what we believe to be Him.  There are over 8,000 promises in the Word and most of them are conditional.  They are based on what we do or don’t do, say or don’t say, believe or don’t believe and so on.

The God DNA inside of us is built to take dominion.  That means we instigate or provoke what we desire to do or see take place.  I was reminded of  the 3rd law of  SIR ISSAC NEWTON’s (despite him being a hereitc) that also proves true in the spirit. ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite REACTION”.  Typically, we allow it to flow in reverse.  Something happens, then we REACT.  As kingdom citizens, we are to cause change, not be overpowered by reacting to the dominating opposition of our soul.  There is a statistic thrown out every now and then that states that we only use a portion of our brain and that there is limitless potential that we have yet to tap in to.  I believe it is the same way concerning our authority and ability to move and live in Christ.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to know that we only used 20% of what God has given us?

Psalm 37:23, in the amplified version, reads this way….. “The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step].”  If you notice the capitalization on HE, it says HE busies HIMSELF with his every step! WOW! That means God is busying Himself as we began to move and live in Him!  Don’t have a “wait for the check in the mail” mentality.  God is on the sidelines watching us to see how He can facilitate our next step! He loves us.  When we draw close, He draws closer.  When we knock, ask and seek, He is on the other side waiting.  Invite the Lord’s assistance and get MOVING.

Are You A ‘Push-Over’ Or A ‘Push-Through’ Person?

Why has the church, for the most part, taken such a passive disposition when it comes to the extraordinary that God DESIRES to do in our lives? We of all people should be EXCESSIVE in our expectation!!!! Above and beyond! More than we could ask! On top of! In addition to! Greater than! Multiplied! Aggressive and proactive in our FAITH! We don’t accept NO!

I would like to recommend a book to those that consider themselves “GO-GETTER’s” or want to start!  It is powerful. The title of the book is “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson. You can purchase the book online here at Amazon.

I like to put it like this….the NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO is just the squeaky sound of the hinges of God’s YES door swinging open! Some people will say no-thank you. I say “NO?”-Thank YOU! MY YES IS COMING! Be persistent and relentless today!