New Single ‘GOD IS’ Sent To Radio

  Patrick Dopson has established his distinguished soulful voice as one that God has designated a special anointing for praise and worship and to cross, tear down and unify racial, cultural and denominational barriers.  Patrick is a 2014 Stellar Award winner who, by his pen, delivers poignant lyrics and life-changing music.

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Say what? Believing is seeing.

Have you ever shared your vision with someone and two minutes into the convo, they get that glossed over look in their eyes as if “I’m listening, but I got off at the last bus stop”? Then they respond with a ‘that’s great’ and then ask if you watched the

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The Most Dangerous Word of 2014

What’s the most dangerous word of 2014? Answer: ‘TRY’. We’ve all used it and it’s a word that undermines our future and sabotages our goals. The application of the word ‘TRY’ suggests that some effort will be applied but don’t count on it. Webster says it means “to attempt” which really

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